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runabout_deckPlease leave a message below.

Let us know what you think of the Antique & Classic Boat Festival.

Or ask any questions you might have that we have not addressed on our web site.


We will get back to you as soon as we can.TRADE WIND Bow 2013 Festival copy small

You can also directly contact Pat Wells, the Festival coordinator, at 617-666-8530. Her mailing address is 16 Preston Rd., Somerville, MA 02143

52 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Kathy Parker

    This must be a very busy and exciting week for you as you get ready for the Boat Festival in Salem.

    I hope that you or someone you designate will email pictures with captions that can be shared on the ACBS website. Our viewers love to see all kinds of vintage boats and people having fun with them.

    Email photos with captions to

    Have a great event!

    1. John Hermanski

      I’ve notified our “official” photographer.

      BTW – my wife and I spent some some time in Clayton last fall. Loved the museum and everything about the area.


  2. John Thomson

    Hello Pat et al; pleasure to learn of your Salem antique boat festival; not from a yachtingbuff; but from one who over many years has enjoyed trips on sail , yachts, big cruises (Cunard, e.g.) question: what is cost if any to board antique boats at Salemharbor? and do you have ala England any steam powered Yacht type crafts? was on one years ago on Englands Lake Windemere; then NO power boats except steam.
    also directions to piers from MBTA bpublic transit or pier by boat from Boston?

    john Thomson 8573459500 phone

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi John,

      Admission to the show is a mere $5.

      It seems we will have a steam-powered boat – DRAGON, a reproduction of an 1882 Herreshoff Steam Launch. She is powered by a genuine 1882 steam engine which was found with a retired steam boat captain in Mississippi. It is a very rare survivor, one of only two such engines known to exist.

      Check here – – for the festival’s location. We are right next to the Boston ferry if you take that to Salem.


  3. Bob Moreau

    I have a 1959 Blue Star Warrior (12′ aluminum boat). Does this show only recognize wood boats? Should I bring this boat. The original engine is not functioning. Will there be a place to show boats that are on a trailer? Please reply ASAP as I have not yet registered. Thank you

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi Bob,

      We do have classic, but non-wooden boats in the show. It seems like your boat would be a good fit.
      Now, our dockage is full, and I have just removed the online registration form from the website. But, there are spots for trailered boats and we could fit you in. If you would like to attend, let me know ( and we can figure out how to get you registered.


  4. Eric Francis

    I am on a slightly odd quest. I’d like to learn to row a classic dory, but I have no idea where I might find one and someone to teach me. I found the festival site and thought, perhaps, you might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!


  5. Sherri Rabin

    I would like to know how to become a vendor at your event. We aren’t selling anything, only getting exposure to our company and offer a raffle for $10,000 worth of Windows and Doors.
    Thank you

  6. Sherri Rabin

    I would like to know how to become a vendor at your event. We aren’t selling anything, only getting exposure to our company and offer a raffle for $10,000 worth of Windows and Doors.

    Thank you

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi Robert,

      Sure, send along any good resources and I will add them to the web page.

      I’ll send you my email so you can reply to me directly.

      John Hermanski

  7. Wendy McGrath

    I would like to bring a group from Brooksby Village in Peabody, would there be any one that would be available to lead our group on a tour of the boats ? Thank you for your consideration.
    Wendy McGrath Trips Coordinator 978-536-7969

  8. Ben Kirker

    Does it cost to come to the festival? Are there tickets to purchase in advance or at the day of the festival? How much if so?

    1. John Hermanski

      Tickets to the festival are $5. You can get them at the gate on the day you attend the festival.
      Hope to see you there.

  9. The Sail Bums

    we are the SAIL BUMS, a musical duo featuring songs about boating, the sea, and the cruising lifestyle. We would like to provide entertainment at the Antique & Classic Boat Festival. Our website has a small video sample of our work and will give you an idea of what we’re all about;
    Thanks for considering us and we hope to hear from you soon.
    Gaylen and Allison
    207 299 5057

  10. Ann Marie LeMiere

    I am checking in to see if the Festival could use more exposure in the greater Boston area – we are an arts & entertainment guide that comes out every other week, and we happen to have great space still available for our next issue dated Aug. 3-16 – it’s 2 weeks of exposure reaching thousands in the largest market in New England in a publication specifically geared towards socially and culturally active people looking for What’s Happening Around Town and * all throughout New England! We have the back cover available, that offers excellent visibility – as well as great, affordable space inside the magazine we need to fill by deadline Friday! We are in negotiation mode to get the space filled – get in touch and let’s work something out! Hope to hear from you asap – thanks for your consideration!
    Ann Marie = W.H.A.T.* Magazine

  11. Paul Bailey

    I work for Paul Editions. Paul is an artist who has created many wooden boat art pieces. He also has worked with different boat shows, creating art for their shows. He usually donates one numbered edition print for their auction to support their program. You can view some of his wooden boats on his website. You can contact us at 916-600-7290

  12. Vicki Ethier


    My name is Vicki Ethier. My husband Rick and I perform a family/music/comedy show under the name Vicki & Sticks throughout New England. We would love to bring our show to your event. We also provide balloon twisting and face painting with our Noodle Daisy Balloons and face painting services. To find out more about what we offer, please visit

    Thank you for your time,

    Vicki Ethier

    Vic and Sticks Entertainment

    Vicki & Sticks Interactive Family/Music Show

    Noodle Daisy Balloons and Face Painting

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi Bob, Jen,
      We think you guys would make a great addition to the Festival music. You just have to promise not to sing too many sea chanteys…
      Pat Wells, our Festival organizer, will give you a call soon to discuss details.
      Thanks for suggesting that you perform. BTW – I do the website for the Festival.

      We’ll see you around.
      John Hermanski & Barb Taylor

  13. Ann Marie LeMiere

    Hoping this reaches whoever is handling any promotion for the Boat Festival – I work with the City Shopper Magazine, a weekly distributed throughout Boston and the surrounding communities. We have a couple of last minute opportunities if you were looking to get more exposure for the event in the Boston area. We deadline tomorrow for our issue dated Aug. 12-18 and still have the back cover and a full page to fill – we are offering these excellent exposure spaces at a deep discount due to the last minute nature. We reach 25,000 readers so it’s a great opportunity to reach a large market at a great price. We would need artwork provided to us and confirmation of space asap – get in touch if there is interest and we can discuss pricing. Hope you can take advantage of the opportunity! Thanks for your time!
    Ann Marie – City Shopper Magazine – 617-262-2489

  14. John Hermanski

    Hi John,

    It seems we lost a “y” in the email address for our volunteer coordinator, Cheryl. She should be getting back to you quickly.

    Thanks for helping us debug our website!


  15. John Durrance

    I have tried several times to email this address to volunteer for the event, but it appears this is a bad email address.

    Anyway I would very much like to volunteer. I hope to hear from you.

    Thanks John Durrance

  16. laury lapointe

    Dear Friends of St Mary’s High School Girls Lacrosse Team,

    Our Team will be having a BBQ Team Cookout & Beach Party Bonding Event at the Swampscott Yacht Club at 425 Humphrey St in Swampscott on Thursday June 4th. . We would like to know if you would be interested in donating a gift certificate, goods or services to our raffle / door prize donation list. This will help our team us to participate in Team Bonding Events, Team Dinners, the banquet, awards, gifts, supplies and more. Please help us make this season a successful one.

    Gift Certificates can be mailed to the school at the address below sent to the Attention Girls LAX Team or can be picked up by one of the team members or parents by emailing or calling 978 239 0690.


    2014 – 2015 Lady Spartans Captains
    35 Tremont Street Lynn, MA 01902 P: 781-595-7885 F: 781-595-4471


  17. William J Taylor

    I have a Binnacle & Compass from A. Lietz of San Francisco. This was original to 1906 71′ lawley “NEEDLE”.
    Please contact me with any info you may have.
    Thanks, Bill Taylor

  18. Douglas Cole


    Please remove my contact info from your yearly mailing. I no longer publish the Concordia Newsletter.

    Thank you.

    Doug Cole
    4344 King Avenue
    Bellingham, WA 98226

  19. Bobbie @ Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina

    Do you have dates for 2015 festival? I have had a call requesting info. Thanks and happy winter! Bobbie

  20. John Hermanski

    Hi Ed,

    Something concrete. I have Hank Clark’s (former owner) office number. Presumably he knows who he sold Valhalla to. I will email it to you, as it’s not a good idea to post people’s phone numbers.

    Good Luck,


  21. John Hermanski

    Hi Ed,

    I got a couple of comments/leads from people associated with the festival:

    I can’t remember who Hank sold the boat to after the unfortunate accident, but there are a couple of nice 1950’s Wheelers at the Point Independence Yacht Club down in Onset, MA.

    There is a boat of that name at my yacht club Port Norfolk. (Dorchester, MA) Do not know much about it it looks more like a novi hull with a flybridge.

    Hope they are of some help. If anything else comes in, I’ll post it here.


  22. Ed Broccoli

    I am a Wheeler enthusiast, my father owned a 30’s playmate prior to and during WWII. I saw a couple of photos of the Valhalla at your event from a couple of years ago Any chance I could be put in contact with the owner through you? It would be much appreciated

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi Ed,

      I will put out the word to the Festival organizers and others who have been around longer than I have and see if someone can help you find the whereabouts of your Wheeler.


  23. Frank Crohn

    I am a dealer in out-of-print boating and nautical books and magazines. I have exhibited at the Mystic Wooden Boat show and the Maine Boats and Harbor show. I would like to exhibit at your show in August 2015. Please send me exhibitor information. Thank You – Frank Crohn, 7 Ivy Cottage Lane, Killingworth, CT. 06419 (860) 663-1888

    1. John Hermanski

      Hi Frank,

      Pat Wells (617-666-8530) is the person who handles this. She should be contacting you. You may want to drop her an email to make sure.



    1. John Hermanski

      No, I’m afraid we won’t be doing the parade this year. Our usual parade coordinator won’t be around and it’s low tide late Sunday afternoon. We still may attempt a somewhat orderly exit around 3:00 pm…


  24. Anna Phommatham

    I would like to know if you allow food vendors at your boat festival? If you do who do I get in touch with?

    Thank You,


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